The HLTH Foundation promotes diversity, equity, inclusion and opportunity in healthcare, focusing on marginalized or underserved people in three populations key to equitable and sustainable healthcare: patients, healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs. We are grateful for the support of our program sponsors and partners.

Impact Programs

The HLTH Foundation hosts mission-driven, themed Impact Programs at the HLTH and ViVE events each year: Health Equity, Patients @HLTH, Women at HLTH and Techquity. These programs provide a platform for industry leaders to share thought-leading perspectives, make partner and client connections, gather with peers for action-oriented affinity meetups, and discover new opportunities aligned with their health equity and DE&I goals.

HLTH 2022 Programs

Health Equity

Gathering experts to share the vision for healthcare that works for everyone and share successes in addressing outcome disparities and equity gaps

Patients at HLTH

Bringing patients and industry together as equal partners in healthcare, toward patient inclusion, empowerment, more effective care design and mutual understanding

Women at HLTH

Supporting women’s advancement, equity for people of all genders, and wellbeing and entrepreneurship in healthcare and medicine. This program also centers issues in women’s and LGBTQ+ health, such as inclusion in research and innovation to close gender/sex gaps in health and care.

Affinity Events

Supporting community-building and opportunity for people of underrepresented identities; HLTH 2022 Affinity Meetups included BLK @ HLTH and Pride @ HLTH

ViVE 2023 Programs

Techquity Impact Program

Blazing a trail for equity by design in health technology and industry data practices, and showcasing tech- and data-forward programs enabling better access and better health for underserved populations

Women at ViVE Networking Reception

Convening women and gender equity allies for networking and opportunities to engage with non-profit partners offering programs for women in healthcare IT, medicine and entrepreneurship

Affinity Events

Supporting community-building and opportunity for people of underrepresented identities; ViVE 2023 Affinity Meetups included BLK @ ViVE, Latino @ ViVE and Pride @ ViVE

HLTH Foundation Strategic Partners

Strategic partners working with the Foundation year round on behalf of marginalized or underserved patients, underrepresented healthcare professionals or entrepreneurs

Techquity for Health Coalition

Convened in early 2023 by the HLTH Foundation, the Techquity for Health Coalition was established to assimilate health equity considerations into healthcare technology innovation and data practices. Its goal is to assist the industry in developing consensus around best practices, standards and metrics for equitable design and distribution of digital health tools as well as collection and analysis of health data.

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