The HLTH Foundation

The HLTH Foundation is engaged in three types of initiatives around its mission: to promote equity, inclusion, wellbeing and opportunity for underserved patients, healthcare professionals and innovators in digital health.


The HLTH Foundation hosts mission-driven, themed Impact Programs at the HLTH and ViVE events each year:

Health Equity, Patients at HLTH, Women at HLTH and the Techquity Impact Program at ViVE. Affinity Meetups at these events provide an opportunity for underrepresented healthcare professionals to network and connect with non-profit partners with supportive programs.

Year-Round Programs:

CSweetener offers free mentorships to women and non-binary healthcare professionals via a network of C-level healthcare mentors. The Techquity for Health Coalition, in collaboration with a board of healthcare advisors, is focused on techquity education and recommendations for developing digital health tools and programs to advance health equity.


Inclusion of patients in care delivery and redesign, and empowering patient self-advocacy, are the focus of a marketing campaign launched in Fall 2023--with more to come.

These initiatives provide a platform for industry leaders to share thought-leading perspectives, make partner, client and peer connections, as well as discover new opportunities aligned with their health equity and DE&I goals.

We focus on bringing together a diverse community of voices across the care continuum to advocate for urgent improvements around five imperatives for healthcare: health equity, access, affordability, innovation and inclusion.

The HLTH Foundation works with industry experts addressing health disparities and resolving gaps in equity. Our Health Equity Impact Program at the annual HLTH event features a content agenda, affinity networking and attendee activations aimed at these mutual goals.

Read more about the importance of health equity and patient care:

Join us at HLTH 2023 to Cultivate Health Equity

The HLTH Foundation supports the advancement of women’s interests and equity for people of all genders. The Women at HLTH agenda brings together content, networking and attendee engagements to center on women’s and LGBTQ+ health, such as inclusion in research, innovation to close gender/sex gaps in health and care, and gender equity in the healthcare workforce. 

Read more about empowering women and gender equality:

Join us at HLTH 2023 as we Spotlight Progress on Gender Equity

The Patients at HLTH program works toward empowerment and inclusion of patients as equal partners in healthcare and care redesign, offering a content agenda, an on-site patient-attendee consultation service, and a recorded narrative studio available for HLTH participants to share a patient or caregiver story.  

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Join us at HLTH 2023 as we Center the Patient Experience

Affinity Meetups

Affinity Meetups are a community-building effort convening people underrepresented in healthcare at HLTH and ViVE events, together with non-profit affinity or related organizations that act as meetup hosts.

Find your tribe at HLTH 2023:

CSweetner Mentorship Program

With a mission to improve gender equity and intersectionality in healthcare leadership, CSweetener offers free, virtual mentorships to women and non-binary leaders in healthcare, providing them with access to a network of C-level healthcare mentors who guide their careers during a year-long tenure with the program.


Give back as a CSweetener mentor:

  • Guide healthcare professionals  on the path to success 

  • Expand your network with access to other CSweetener mentors

  • Enhance your leadership skills through mentoring 


Crush your career goals as a CSweetener mentee:

  • Receive career guidance from a C-level healthcare leader

  • Gain skills in leadership, team-building, self-advocacy and more

  • Grow your professional network

MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Be a visible leader for gender equity in healthcare as a CSweetener sponsor - with generous thought-leadership, event and branding benefits.

Join the movement and mentorship program at CSweetener

As healthcare marches toward full digitization, integrating health equity considerations into technology and data practices - or techquity - is increasingly important to reducing outcomes disparities and systemic inequities. The practice of techquity is also essential to diversifying innovation, developing a representative workforce and equitable employment policies, which in turn will result in a healthcare system that works better for everyone.

The HLTH Foundation and a group of dedicated healthcare partners has launched the Techquity for Health Coalition. The Coalition evolved out of enthusiasm for the promise of digitization to democratize care access and more effectively address health disparities, and concern that failure to integrate a techquity practice into healthcare could lead to entrenchment of systemic inequities. It will focus on establishing this practice and monitoring industry progress through research.

Learn more about the techquity benchmark survey conducted in a partnership with the Techquity Health Coalition and attendees at ViVE 2023.

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